Cargill is committed to reduced use of antibiotics medically important to human health that are also used in beef production.

We are taking actions in the best interest of our customers, consumers and long term effectiveness of medicines, while producing meat that is wholesome, affordable and nutritious, and minimizes the impact to the environment. Maintaining the effectiveness of medicines that help protect human health is one of our top priorities. When we use antibiotics, we do so judiciously and responsibly, in accordance with regulatory requirements. We engage in dialogue with key stakeholders including consumers and customers, listen to different points of view and share information about actions we take to address this topic.

Cargill Beef Commitment to Principles of Antibiotic Use with Cattle:

  1. Maintain animal health and wellbeing
  2. Raise healthy animals to better ensure production of safer food
  3. Enhance our transparency about antibiotic use and practices with beef cattle
  4. 100% regulatory compliance

Cargill Actions

Cargill Beef understands that people are seeking more information about antibiotic use in beef production and they also want to know about the actions we are taking to better ensure the ongoing effectiveness of antibiotics medically important to human health. As a leader on this topic, Cargill Beef is taking the following actions to earn customer confidence relative to antibiotic use:

  • Reduced Use: Cargill is reducing the use of antibiotics that are medically important to human health by approximately 20% and does not use medically important growth promoting antibiotics in the cattle we own (Cargill Cattle Feeders) and our partnership cattle. We are encouraging other cattle feeders to evaluate their antibiotics usage.
  • Certified Training: The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) stewards Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) certification program that trains cattle producers in best practices, including optimal antibiotic usage. Our goal is to have 90% of our supply from feed yards that are BQA certified sources by 2018.
  • Innovate: Cargill Beef is partnering with cattle producers, researchers,universities, and allied partners to identify production practices and viable alternatives that could result in reduced use of medicines in animal production. A key partner is Cargill Animal Nutrition, a leader in the development of feed ingredients and feed formulations.
  • Listen & Learn: We engage customers and skeptics to better understand their expectations for Cargill regarding antibiotic use and how Cargill Beef can responsibly meet those expectations. We will have an open door and will engage with a variety of stakeholders, including skeptics.

Click below to view our webinar outlining our antibiotic position.