We are a leader in food safety and we share our knowledge with the industry

  • Our commitment to food safety is more than just a promise. Over the past 12 years, we’ve invested more than $1 billion in food safety technology for our North American protein businesses. And we continue to explore new technologies to reduce any foodborne illness-causing bacteria that could pose human health risks.
  • Ensuring food is at its safest is a round-the-clock job. We use Helix, an integrated, real-time reporting system, to continuously monitor meat processing at our plants. With this technology, we can be certain of procedural adherence specific to our food safety programs, product quality and specifications, and overall performance.
  • Cargill was a leader in the development of two key food safety tools: the hide-on-carcass wash and thermal pasteurization. Both are now widely adopted across the industry.
  • We pride ourselves in being a leader in food safety. We’ve embraced Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) in our facilities prior to its mandate. The HACCP model has been adopted industry-wide as a USDA standard for identifying important points in each processing plant’s food safety program. HACCP encompasses a variety of the tools we employ at our federally inspected processing plants to ensure fresh meat products are as safe as possible when they leave the facility.