Our Goal is to deliver the most consistent and dependable red meat experience in the industry

  • We were the first major beef supplier to implement an automated camera assessment system in all US facilities to supplement government grading methods.
  • We are proud to be the only beef packer approved for USDA Certified Tender and USDA Certified Very Tender products. This means we’re doing something right. We continue to invest in the latest technology and test up to 1,000 samples weekly to guarantee tenderness, consistency and quality.
  • Cargill owns and operates four feedlots in our system. This ownership gives Cargill ability to:
    • Deliver reliable, top-quality supply for our facilities.
    • Practice the Optimum Harvest Endpoint System to determine peak animal maturity on an individual basis.
    • Be more flexible in response to supply and demand.

    In addition, we’ve developed strategic partnerships, like ours with Friona Industries, to expand our pool of dedicated, premium cattle.

  • In food, timing is everything. The journey from our butchers to customers’ countertops should not be far. That’s why Cargill has plants strategically located within a day’s drive to more than 200 million consumers throughout the U.S.
  • We’ve partnered with MMT Genomics, Inc., to develop technology that uses an animal’s genetics to determine its potential. This process identifies the animal’s most favorable traits (including marbling, tenderness, retail yield and average daily gain) and categorizes them.